Ashtabula Downtown  -
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Here is the list of our Membership & Committee Meetings...
2014 Membership Meetings

September 12th, (Friday) 8:00 am
Ashtabula County Chamber of Commerce
Upcoming Committee Meetings
ADDA Promotions Committee-
Monday, July 21,1:15 pm 
Casa Capelli
ADDA Economic Restructuring Committee-
Monday, July 21, 11:45 am
Casa Capelli
ADDA Design Committee-
Thursday, July meeting cancelled. 
Thursday, August 14th, 6:00 pm
Casa Capelli
 Imagine Ashtabula Committee-
"My Neighborhood" Meeting
Thursday, July 10, 7:00 pm
St. Peter's Church
ADDA Organization Committee-
Monday, July 28, 1:15 pm*** With Promotions Comm.
Casa Capelli
ADDA Executive Committee Meeting
Wednesday, July 30, 6:00 pm
Casa Capelli
Join us!
Please feel free to attend a committee meeting (or two). Everyone has their own special talent, and new people bring different perspectives!! We are always looking for people who "Believe in Ashtabula".
Special Meetings
Multi-Cultural Festival
Committee Meeting
for meeting dates and times
Committee Contact Info
Organization Committee
(Finance and Human Resources)
Current Projects: 2013 Membership, Business Directories
Chairperson: Lynda Annick
Promotion Committee
(Marketing & Events)
Current Projects: Downtown Laughs, Easter Eggstrav-aganza, Events Calendar, Radio Program
Chairperson: Marty Cephas
Design Committee
Current Projects: Street Banner Project, Window Displays, Streetscape Plan
Chairperson: Carol Johnson
Economic Restructuring Committee
(Economic Development)
Current Projects: Security Survey, Property Inventory
Chairperson: Roberta Madar-Pruett
or 964-2282
My Neighborhood/Imagine Ashtabula Committee
(Residential Projects)
A collaborative community project to revitalize and rebuild a stronger neighborhood.
Executive Committee
(Officers and Committee Chairs)
Get a brief committee description...
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