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Christmas Tree Competition 2019

The sparkles and twinkles of the Christmas trees in Cornelius Park

have become the cornerstone of the ADDA's Christmas festivities.

Help us celebrate...

"Judges Choice" Winners are...

1st Place- The Ashtabula Area Interact Club

2nd Place- Christian Faith Academy

"People's Choice" Winners are...

1st Place- Ashtabula Juvenile Court

2nd Place- Christian Faith Academy

Photos Of All Of The Beautiful Christmas Trees! 

Ten trees were donated by Manners Christmas Tree Farm. Spence Contracting has donated their resources to pick-up, deliver, and with the help of volunteers, set up the trees in the park. The City of Ashtabula donated their services to make this entire event a huge success!

Ashtabula Area Interact Club.jpg
Ashtabula Area Interact_Night.jpg
1st Judges.png

Ashtabula Area Interact Club

juvenile court.jpg
Juvernile Court_Night.jpg

Ashtabula County Juvenile Court

Christian Faith Academy.jpg
Christian Faith Academy_Night.jpg
2nd Judges.png

Christian Faith Academy

lions club.jpg
Lions Club_Night.jpg

Ashtabula Lions Club

1st Judges.png
2nd Judges.png
midget football.jpg
Midget Football_Night.jpg

Ashtabula Midget Football League

Goddess Wine House.jpg
Goddess Wine House_Night.jpg

Goddess Wine House


Ashtabula YMCA

First Baptist Church.jpg
First Baptist Church_Night.jpg

First Baptist Church

Messiah Lutheran Church.jpg
Messiah Lutheran_Night.jpg

Messiah Lutheran Church

NAACP 1.jpg


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