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Christmas Tree Competition 2022

The sparkles and twinkles of the Christmas trees in LCPL Kevin Cornelius Park has become the cornerstone of the ADDA’s Christmas festivities. Ashtabula downtown storefronts will be adorned with tinsel and lights! We are hoping to create a very special Christmas shopping and strolling atmosphere, for all to enjoy. 

Download the 2022 Tree Contest Application

Photos Of All Of The 2021 previous year Beautiful Christmas Trees! 

Thank you to all of the participants from 2021!!

2021 After School Discovery Tree_edited.jpg

After School Discovery

2021 Ashtabula Juvenile Court Tree.jpg

Ashtabula Juvenile Court

2021 Ashtabula Art Center.jpg

Ashtabula Art Center

2021 Country Club Rehab.jpg

Country Club Rehabilitation

2021 Burns Kids College Tree.jpg

Burns Kids College

2021 Helping Hands Farm Animal Rescue Tree.jpg

Helping Hands Farm Animal Rescue

2021 My Neighborhood Tree.jpg

My Neighborhood

2021 Erie Bank Tree.jpg

Erie Bank

2021 Home Safe Tree.jpg

Home Safe

2021 NAACP Tree.jpg


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