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Ashtabula Peace Stone


Dedicated on July 25, 2015 at South Park- Ashtabula's "Peace Park"


On this beautiful day we gathered to commemorate the placement of this gift from the International Center for Environmental Arts and the Children  (ICEA) of Berea, Ohio given during the MultiCultural Festival 2011.  The organization donated the Peace Stone to assist in the promotion of a sustainable global culture of peace and goodwill.


Many Thanks!

We would like to thank the following individuals for being a part of the Peace Stone Dedication Ceremony:


Earl Tucker, Chair Ashtabula City Parks & Recreation Board

Renate Jakupca- ICEA Founder

James Timonere- Ashtabula City Manager

J.P. Ducro IV, Ashtabula City Council President

Emily Braat- Vocalist

Peggy Carlo- President, Ashtabula County Commissioners

LaVette Hennigan- Ashatbula City Clerk of Council

Nia Covington- Vocalist

Jo Misener, Ward 4 Councilor

and our gratitude to John Patterson- State Representative for his Commendation.


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