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      Downtown Trivia!



At one time, the Ducro family operated three business/services in downtown Ashtabula. What were they?
  1. Furniture Store
  2. Funeral Services
  3. Delivery Service
  • Who built the former municipal Building?  This building was a United State Post Office.  The architect was James Knox Tayler


  • The former munipal building is a historical landmark.  True of false?  True.  This building has been designated by the State of Ohio as having significant historic value, but is not currently on the National Register of Historic Places.


  • St Peter's parish has been located at its current downtown site at scenic South Park on Main Avenue since completion of the parish's first church building in what year?  1813


  • What was the name of the restaurant in Carlisles?  The Stowaway

  • Ashtabula Municipal Building
  • Ashtabula High School
  • YMCA
Unfortunately, these structures are no longer part of the downtown landscape.
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