Our Committees

Organization Committee

(Finance and Human Resources)

Maintains the structure and direction of the organization in terms of governance, committees, strategic planning, and building consensus and cooperation among the groups that play a role in the downtown.


Chairperson: Lynda Annick

Contact info:lannick85@hotmail.com

Promotion Committee

(Marketing & Events)

Markets the downtown's unique characteristics to shoppers, investors, new businesses, tourists, and others.


Chairperson: Marty Cephas and Lori Albrecht

Contact info: mrtcephas@aol.com

Design Committee


Guides improvement of the downtown's image by improving its physical appearance- not just the appearance of buildings, but also of street lights, window displays, parking areas, signs, sidewalks, streetscapes, landscaping, promotional materials and all other elements that convey a visual message about what the downtown is and what it has to offer.


Chairperson: Roberta Madar-Pruett

Contact info: downtownashtabula@outlook.com

Urban Housing Complex

Residential Development Committee

(Residential Projects)

Dedicated to working with the residential aspect of the downtown district including.

Contact info: downtownashtabula@outlook.com

Economic Vitality   Committee

(Economic Development)

Focuses on strengthening the existing economic base of the downtown while diversifying it.  This can include helping existing downtown business expand, recruiting new businesses, providing a balanced mix, converting unused space into productive property, and sharpening the competitiveness of downtown merchants.


Chairperson: Marty Cephas

Contact info: mrtcephas@aol.com

Executive Committee

(Officers and Committee Chairs)

The vision of the Ashtabula Downtown Development Association is to lead, assist, and support activities that enhance the quality of life in the downtown community

Ad Hoc Committee-

Fountain Restoration


Project specific group working to restore the fountain in Cornelius Park to it's original glory.


Chairperson: Larry Fargo


Ad Hoc Committee-

Art in the Alley


Committee for the Art in the Alley annual event in Downtown Ashtabula, showcasing the many talented local artists of our area.


Chairperson: Larry Fargo