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Downtown Ashtabula Pageant News!!


Downtown Ashtabula 

Pageant Winners 2016!!

Our sincere thanks to all of the participants.  We congratulate the following individuals who will be representing us for the coming year!

Tiny Miss Downtown Ashtabula - Aurora Estes

Tiny Miss, 1st Attendant - Mekella Russell-Oliver

Tiny Miss, 2nd Attendant - Amanda Mayhorn

Tiny Miss, 3rd Attendant - Ella Grace Simmons


Little Miss Downtown Ashtabula - Maribell Nieves

Little Miss - 1st Attendant - Makenna Van Sickle-Sams

Little Miss - 2nd Attendant - Violet Hall

Little Mr. Downtown Ashtabula - Connor Schwartz


Young Miss Downtown Ashtabula - Chloe Davidson

Young Miss 1st Attendant - Keira Massena

Young Miss 2nd Attendant - Nevaeh Conrad

Young Mr. Downtown Ashtabula - Matthew Van Sickle


Junior Miss Downtown Ashtabual - Makayla Van Sickle

Junior Miss 1st Attendant - Kennedy Bales

Junior Miss 2nd Attendant - Audrianna Strong

Junior Miss 3rd Attendant - Sara Cararo


Miss Downtown Ashtabula - Kimberly Davidson

Miss Downtown 1st Attendant - Julie Horvath

Miss Downtown 2nd Attendant – Malissa Rae

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