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Enhanced Downtown Safety/Security Program 

About the Program...

Research shows that the presence of law enforcement officers makes the public feel safer, no matter what the level of crime actually is.  To address the concerns of the local businesses, Signature Health provided the ADDA with seed money to implement an enhanced security program for the downtown area.  Joined with ten other local businesses, we have successfully added private security to this area for the past two years.  This seed money will be expiring soon.  Therefore, we are reaching out to our business neighbors so the program can continue.  We are asking you to consider participating in this program.


How it works...

The program utilizes off-duty City of Ashtabula police officers to provide more extensive and targeted patrolling in the downtown area.  The schedule is 4 hours per day, 5 days a week, usually Monday through Friday. The shifts are daytime and evening; the hours are varied to avoid a predictable pattern. The patrol district is all of Main Avenue, Park Avenue, Collins Boulevard and side streets connecting these streets. The officers are off-duty and cannot be called away from this patrol duty. The patrols are a mixture of foot patrol and car patrol. The City of Ashtabula partners with us by providing the police car and gasoline at no charge. 


How you can become a part of the program...

If you wish to participate, we would gather information such as your hours of operation and contact person(s). The security force will be informed of your data so that they can patrol your property when on duty. If you have any special concerns or security requests, the information will be conveyed to the officers or you may communicate directly with the officer on duty. Here’s what some current participants have to say about the program:

Cost of the program is flexible and can be based on what is affordable for you. Most businesses are currently paying $100.00 per month. More participants make it more affordable for everyone. 


Join today!


If you have any questions, you may contact Debby Cumberland at

440-969-4193 or, or the ADDA email address:

Read our Security Manual- A Joint Project of the Ashtabula Police Department and the ADDA

“I have been most pleased with the ADDA Security program. It is worth every penny I spend on it to feel that my customers, my staff and my property are safer. People are pleased when they learn that we spend extra dollars each month to provide added police/security patrols. The officers involved always seem friendly and concerned about us when they are in our lot.” Cathy, The Chalk Box

“Ashtabula County District Library was seeking another means to provide additional security to our library. This program allows us to participate with other agencies to keep the costs down. We are able to see police officers drive by the library, park in our area, and do a walk thru in our building. It has helped us provide another layer of security that is affordable through participation.” Bill, Ashtabula County District Library

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