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Fountain Restoration Progress


Ashtabeautiful's fountain is back!  The fountain was donated to the City of Ashtabula by Mr. Topky.  Larry Fargo, Fargo Machine Co., is leading a group to restore the fountain back to its original glory.  The restoration project is being spearheaded by the Ashtabula Downtown Development Association (ADDA) and is the fiscal agent responsible for collecting the donations.  It is the goal of ADDA to include as many people as possible to be involved with this project, demonstrating there is a strong showing of community pride and co-operation for restoring and improving this historic landmark.

More work has taken place during the past year to continue restoration of the vital systems that operate the fountain, as well as important site preparation.


Fountain Update – 2019

Work continues!




The Committee continues to work hard to raise the funds to take the project to completion!  The perimeter work is still in process.  If you would like to make a donation to restore this wonderful piece of history, checks can be made payable to ADDA, PO Box 362, Ashtabula, OH 44005, please indicate Fountain Restoration in the Memo.

Fountain Update – 

June 2018

Work continues!

Preparation of the site around the

fountain has been a major focus

this month.  Very soon the project

will be complete and we will be

hosting a dedication ceremony.




Fountain Update – May 2018

Work is underway!

Larry Fargo is working hard to check off the 2018 Task List for the Fountain Restoration!  Recently, the site has been prepped for the installation of decorative pavers and the plantings.  Very soon the beautiful tri-color sedum will arrive.  The fence post footers are in and the fence construction is in process and will be installed this summer.  Soon the fountain will once again be providing a wonderful centerpiece for Cornelius Park.



Fountain Update –  2017 Accomplishments!

  1. New electric lines were installed underground... so the wiring to the Fountain is done!

  2. New waterline was installed underground along with a hydrant for ease of watering the plants in the park.

  3. Broken concrete was removed from around the pump pit.

  4. Old shrubbery around Fountain was transplanted to a different area in the Park.

  5. Damaged brick and mortar on the Fountain was repaired.


Fountain Update – Summer 2017

Throughout the summer season the fountain has been a beautiful, refreshing site bubbling away at the center of Cornelius Park!  Efforts continue to raise the funds to finish the next step of landscaping around the fountain.  If you would like to contribute, donations can be sent to ADDA, PO Box 362, Ashtabula, Ohio 44005.

Fountain Update – 1/2017

Many thanks to the Robert S. Morrison Foundation for providing $1,500 to complete the remaining 3 picture panels for the fence surrounding the fountain.

Fountain Update – 8/2016

Oh the sparkling blue water!  Latest addition is a lovely blue color!  The fountain provides a refreshing spot... a delight to both eyes and ears as you listen to the gentle water flowing.  If you are Downtown for the Art in the Alley on Sept. 3- be sure to check out the Fountain at Cornelius Park. Remember, donations are always welcome and can be sent to ADDA, PO Box 362, Ashtabula, OH 44005

Fountain Update – 6/2016

Artisan Concrete and Stamping owner Dave Tyler and his crew applied a masonry primer coat to the Fountain in Cornelius Park on June 17. A few days before Dave had the Fountain sandblasted which removed years of built up paint and crud. Within the next few days Dave and crew will coat the interior with a product called Diamond Brite. This hard masonry coating will provide years of very low maintenance to keep the Fountain's interior looking nice. Ashtabula Downtown Development Association is spear heading the restoration of this historic site. Remember, donations are always welcome and can be sent to ADDA, PO Box 362, Ashtabula, OH 44005

Fountain Update – 9/6/2015


The new Spray Pipes were installed on August 6, 2015 and are working well. This included making and installing a strainer to keep debris out of the nozzles, fabricating a new stand for holding the pump, and some minor electrical upgrades to make Fountain maintenance easier. While the new Spray Pipes seem to make the Fountain look totally restored, their installation was actually the first step of many to completely restore the Fountain, and much more work remains to be done.


Fountain Next Steps


Some of the tasks required are:

  • Paint the Spray Pipes

  • Install a new water line with an automatic valve to control the water level. This will require a trench being dug from the existing water source.

  • Install new electric lines to the Fountain. These will be used to power LED lights which will be placed under the water to illuminate the Fountain at night. This will require a trench being dug and conduit laid in place from the existing electrical source.

  • The Electrical Shanty needs to be extended to make room for the additional wiring boxes and panels for the LED lighting . Kevin Presley has volunteered his carpenter services for this task with Busy Beaver pledging to donate the material required for the extension.

  • Additional electrical panels, boxes, and circuitry will need to be installed. Volunteers from Ashta Chemicals have volunteered to do this work. Ashta Chemicals has also pledged a monetary contribution for the project

  • Some of the bricks need replaced and both the bricks and sandstone need to be cleaned. Ryan Lencl of Masonry Water Solutions has offered to donate his services to do this work at no charge.

  • The interior of the Fountain needs to be sandblasted and sealed. A bid from Artisan Concrete and Stamping, LLC has been received to sandblast and coat the interior with a product called Diamond Brite. This coating will provide for many years of maintenance free operation as compared to paint.

  • A vegetation type or permanent ground cover needs to be placed around the Fountain with a decorative fence surrounding it. Tim Tyler of Tyler Sign and Lighting Services prepared a conceptual drawing of a picket type fence and has offered to work on the engineering of the fence as his contribution towards the project. The fence will have decorative panels depicting local landmarks and cultural entities such as covered bridge, lift bridge, river of many fish, rail and shipping, etc.


Read the story in the September Star Beacon article-


Many thanks to Debbie Rich for donating this beautiful photgraph of the fountain for promtional and fundraising purposes.

Work to be completed in 2018:

  1. Decorative Fence and picture panels will be fabricated this winter and be installed in the spring of 2018.

  2. Informational Pedestal will be fabricated this winter and installed in the spring of 2018.

  3. Steel frame for the top of the Pump Pit will be fabricated this winter and installed in the spring of 2018.

  4. Tricolor Sedum ground cover surrounding the Fountain will be planted in the spring of 2018.

  5. Sometime in the summer we will have a dedication ceremony when all work is complete.



The total estimated cost for all of this work is $30,000.00. Many funds have been raised through donations, grants, and in kind work. No city tax monies will be used. The Robert S. Morrison Foundation made a very generous donation to allow the restoration work to begin. Ducro Funeral Services made a monetary contribution as well as other individuals and organizations.  Help us preserve a part of history!


Donations can be sent to ADDA, PO Box 362, Ashtabula, Ohio 44005.



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